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Welcome to Breastfeed Easy

Breastfeeding Consultation & Workshops

At Breastfeed Easy, we provide expert lactation consultation and workshops for new parents who are looking for guidance and support in their breastfeeding journey. Our experienced consultants will assist you in overcoming breastfeeding challenges and provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure a successful breastfeeding experience for both you and your baby.

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Our Expert Lactation Specialist

At Breastfeed Easy, we understand the challenges new mothers face when it comes to breastfeeding. That's why we offer expert lactation consultation services to help make the experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Our certified lactation counselor, Marian Wong, is certified by Childbirth International and has years of experience helping new mothers with breastfeeding. She is also a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a postgraduate diploma.


Breastfeeding consultations and workshops


Breastfeeding Consultation

Our breastfeeding consultation services are available in both private and zoom sessions. We offer personalized support and guidance to help you overcome any breastfeeding challenges and ensure a successful breastfeeding experience for both you and your baby.

Breastfeeding Workshops

Our breastfeeding workshops are designed to provide new parents with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully breastfeed their baby. Our expert lactation consultants will guide you through the basics of breastfeeding, common challenges, and how to overcome them.


What Our Clients Say

Jane Lim

“Breastfeed Easy was a lifesaver for me and my baby. Their lactation consultants provided me with the support and guidance I needed to overcome my breastfeeding challenges. I highly recommend them!”

Gwen Goh

“The breastfeeding workshop I attended at Breastfeed Easy was incredibly informative. I learned so much and feel much more confident in my ability to breastfeed my baby. Thank you!”

Emily Tan

“The lactation consultation I received at Breastfeed Easy was personalized and thorough. The consultant took the time to understand my specific needs and provided me with the support and guidance I needed to successfully breastfeed my baby.”

Provide breastfeeding knowledge to help parents

24/7 Support


Personalized support for your unique needs

Keep Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is beneficial as it provides infants with essential nutrients, immune system support, and a unique combination of antibodies, promoting optimal growth, development, and long-term health.

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